Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fruity Yogurt Drops

These fruity snacks are perfect for smackers whilst watching a film and make a great substitute for gorging on sweets. You can try and mix up the flavours making your own, lemon, blueberry, chocolate, zingy orange - give them ago. I made strawberry and peach. You can also substitute the preservatives in them for stevia if you wish, or use honey instead of stevia in the peach flavour! 

Honey peach
1tbsp Stevia
100g 0% fat Greek yogurt 
4 tinned peaches

 |1 WW Propoint|


1tbsp strawberry Jam
100g 0% fat Greek yogurt 
5 medium strawberries 

 |2 WW Propoint|

Add your yogurt and preserve/stevia into a bowl and mix.

Chop up your fruit into small pieces, they are going to be frozen so smaller pieces are more manageable. Mix into your yogurt mix.

Lay some none stick baking parchment over a baking tray - make sure it fits in the fridge! Or you can lay the parchment straight onto the ice tray like I did to give extra room. 

Using a teaspoon, add marble sized droplets of the mixture onto the tray getting fruit pieces into every one. Pop into the fridge for an hour!

Once frozen, enjoy! This makes 2 portions for me but don't feel guilty if you eat the lot! Remember to keep them in the freezer and don't leave them out for too long. 

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